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In Other Words: Bioconcrete

Someone posted this in our companie's internal website. This is just cool!

Sustainable Living – One Step At A Time: Water Conservation - Part II

In light of the current drought in California, I have revisited this issue since the last time I wrote about it.

Water conservation must be one of the easiest things we can do. According to an article posted by the Sierra Club, the three biggest sources of water consumption are: 
The toilet (26.7 %)The clothes washer (21.7%)The shower (16.8%) The article mentions that there is huge variability of course, and it is not clear what is used as a base line here (a 1.6 gal/flush toilet or something with higher consumption, what kind of clothes washer, and what showerhead etc.).

At any rate, changing out a toilet can cost anywhere between $200-$500. Changing out a decent clothes washer can run anywhere from $700-$2000 for high-end clothes washers. A showerhead, however, will at most cost about $80 for which you will get a luxury showerhead while having the potential of cutting the water usage more than half!

So they are affordable compared to replacing a toilet or washing machine, but in add…

In Other Words: Amyris and Darpa

It's always difficult to talk about what my company is working on, so I rarely do. However, as of late, I am really happy to be able to share some of the things I am excited about. Have a look at this promotional video of Amyris and Darpa. The cool thing: All of those people in the video are real people - not actors or anything. It's sort of amusing and cool to see your friends being featured in this video.