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Action Plan to deal with global warming and climate change

1. Adapt and deal with symptoms
(preparation, preservation, plantation, energy saving, etc)
2. Combat causes of global warming 
2.1. Long-term impact(cut CO2 emissions and remove CO2 from atmosphere and oceans) (C,D)
2.2. Short-term impact
2.2.1. Reflect more sunlight back into space (D)
2.2.2. Reduce pollutants other than CO2 Reduce emissions of chemical gases such as HFC, PFC, SF6,, halon, CFC and HCFC (A) Reduce emissions of CH4, N2O, BC, CO, NOx and VOC(B,C,E) Produce extra OH(D)

This can be best achieved through:
Protocols (Kyoto, Montreal, etc), standards and deposits (refunded at collection) on products containing inorganic pollutants

Fees on nitrogen fertilizers and livestock products (where farmed) to fund local application of biocharC.
Fees on burning fuel (where burned) to fund clean local alternatives (incl. EVs, solar cookers, WWS energy)D.
Geoengineering (adding lime to seawater and aerosols to the atmosphere, carbon air capture, using UV ligh…

In Other Words: Inspirational Videos - "PBS Profile: Jay Kiesling"

I would like to thank Wilbert Escorcia, who recently also joined this blogging site, for having shown me the PBS site as another great source of information on the internet.

He shared with me the profile of one of the people who are and will likely make a big difference in the sustainable biotechnology field: Jay Kiesling, founder of Amyris Biotechnologies, which was originally known for a bio-based method to efficiently and affordably produce artemisinin, an anti-malarial drug. Amyris Biotechnologies was a company I previously wrote about in my coverage of bio-based companies in California.

On a Personal Note:

Before, we dive into the video, I would just like to throw in a personal note. In light of the latest discussion about federal funding for public media on capitol hill, I think it is important to emphasize that the unique service public broadcast and radio provides - namely to inform and educate affordably, and broadly - is almost completely absent anywhere else in the entir…