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News Flash: 30% Efficient Solar Power Silicon and Nitrite

As reported by Greentechmedia on September 28th, Phoenix-based Rosestreet Labs Energy (RSLE) has successfully tested a new prototype of solar panels able to convert between 25-30% of sunlight into electricity. For comparison, the current maximum for conventional silicon-based solar panel is produced by SunPower can convert around 22.5% of sunlight into electricity. So the increases by RSLE represent a quantum leap in efficiency increases. The efficiency gains come at a cost of increased production costs. RSLE aims to lower production cost to below $ 1.50 per Watt by 2014 which is a goal already achieved by some solar panel manufacturers today.

RSLE claims to achieve this feat by combining silicon-based solar technology with other nitride-based alloys - in this case indium and gallium. The combination of silicon and indium and gallium nitride can make use of a broader spectrum of the visible light resulting in higher efficiencies. According to a 2005 press release, unlike conventional…