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In Other Words: Inspirational Videos - "Greg Stone: Saving the ocean one island at a time"

TED talks are ever so inspiring. Earlier in the year, Sylvia Earle was speaking about the need to protect our ocean's resources. It appears that ocean protection is getting more on the radar screen of the general public. Today's post features yet another talk with a very inspiring story on protecting our ocean's resources.

In Other Words: From Poop to Plastics

I recently came across an interesting article posted at Discover which talked about a company by the name of Micropidas. It seeks to convert human effluent into a polyesterbelonging to polyhydroxyalkanoates or PHA family. Why is this important? Plastics often times are derived from oil. Using this bio-based approach cuts that out. In this case, there is an added benefit: they produce plastics while cleaning up the water. And lastly, Micropidas claims that the plastic produced is actually bio-degradable! I haven't had time to research this in more detail, but thought I would share this here.

To read the full, article please go here: