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Sustainable Living - One Step at a time: Toilet Paper


It's been a while since last, I posted here.

Today, I want to introduce another blogging series which I call "Sustainable Living - One Step at a time"

In the past, I have often written and talked about interesting new technologies and ideas in the biological field, some of which could be used to reduce the impact human kind makes on the environment. Although many dedicated brains are tackling these interesting challenges, there are even more who are not working in these kinds of fields. What can other people do to reduce one's impact on the environment? Generally, by adapting a more sustainable approach of living.  Because so many habits and other aspects of life would need to be changed, many people may not feel that it is worth pursuing these efforts because the perceived sacrifices would be too big. Alternatively, one may not know where to start. I do not exclude myself it the latter group.

So, instead of trying to do everything at the same time, I wi…